Saturday, June 6, 2009

past shows


-08/01 Brooklyn NY / The Acheron w/ Unreal City, Ominous Order of Filthy Mongrels
-07/31 Wappinger Falls NY / Montrose Basement w/ Unreal City, Gilded Age, Thunderlord
-07/30 Pittsburgh PA / The Shop w/ Unreal City, Slices, Home Blitz (Kim Phuc after-show)
-07/29 Baltimore MD / Golden West w/ Unreal City, Surroundings, Sacred Love
-01/09 Baltimore MD / Sonar w/ Integrity, Ringworm, Gehenna, Pulling Teeth, Seraphim


-10/17 New York NY / Abc No Rio w/ The Assassinators, Zombie Dogs, Death First, Draize
-10/16 Silver Springs MD / Corpse Fortress w/ Pulling Teeth, Eye of Judgement, Parasitic Skies, Gnarly Rueage
-10/14 York PA / Skid Row Garage w/ Soul Control, Reignition, Agitator
-10/12 Cleveland OH / Now That's Class w/ Rat Healer, more
-10/11 Pittsburgh PA / Mr Roboto Project w/ Deathright, Colony, Heartless, Parasitic Skies, Eye of Judgement
-10/10 Wappinger Falls NY / Montrose Basement w/ Casting Curses, Colony, Our Cross to Bear, Palaces
-10/09 Haverhill MA / Anchors Up w/ In Remembrance, Watchfire, Armor for the Broken, Colony, Crvsher, Voyager, Astronomer, Elijah Snow
-06/27 Lancaster PA / Stomping Grounds w/ Pala
-06/26 Baltimore MD / Barclay House w/ Pala, Towers, Pansori
-06/25 Hickory NC / Drips w/ Altered State, Wholehearted, 20 Eyes, Ill Will
-06/05 Atlanta GA / PS Warehouse w/ Mammoth Grinder, Legion, Decades, Roam Alone
-06/02 Atlanta GA / PS Warehouse w/ Irreversible, Steel Nation, Legacies, Terranigma
-05/28 Atlanta GA / PS Warehouse w/ Unreal City, Boiling Over, The Tramps
-04/12 Athens GA / Holman House w/ Furnace, Finisher, Nationale
-04/11 Charlotte NC / Rosemont w/ Lowbrow, Nations
-04/06 Atlanta GA / PS Warehouse w/ Coliseum, Young Livers
-02/27 Atlanta GA / PS Warehouse w/ Trash Talk, Phalanx, Crossed


-12/10 Atlanta GA / Drunken Unicorn w/ City of Ships, Chopper
-12/03 Atlanta GA / PS Warehouse w/ Annihilation Time, Bukkake Boys, Die Ficken
-09/18 Athens GA / Caledonia Lounge w/ Of Legend, Roam Alone
-08/28 Atlanta GA / Lenny's Bar w/ Scarab, In the Lurch
-06/30 Atlanta GA / I Can Fly House w/ Rogue State, Men as Trees, Revolutionary Youth
-06/07 Atlanta GA / Treehouse w/ Overdose, bunch of locals
-05/10 York PA / Basement w/ Pulling Teeth, Trapped Under Ice, Bad Habit
-05/09 Pittsburgh PA / Roboto w/ Pulling Teeth, Bad Habit, Deathright, Pyramid Scheme
-04/29 Atlanta GA / Drunken Unicorn w/ Blacklisted, Bukkake Boys
-04/12 Atlanta GA / Treehouse w/ MLIW, Roam Alone, Misfortune
-04/02 Atlanta GA / Treehouse w/ Trash Talk, Trapped Under Ice


-12/07 Birmingham AL / Cave 9 w/ Trash Talk, Cruel Hand, Mongoloids, Legion
-10/28 Atlanta GA / Some Basement w/ Elua
-10/26 Atlanta GA / Treehouse w/ Hoods, Amul 9
-08/30 Atlanta GA / The Shop w/ New Lows, Paranoid
-08/26 Atlanta GA / Treehouse w/ Ruiner, Counting the Days
-08/03 Atlanta GA / Treehouse w/ Regret, Memories, Freemind